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New Canadian Member!!!

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New Canadian Member!!!

Hi All

Somewhat new member here - knew about the site for awhile, bookedmarked it, but for some reason never came back to it until last night when I was searching for history of bread while waiting for my loaf to finish cooking!

About me - low 30's Canadian male who works in video game industry. I love to bake/cook - current passion for awhile has been breads. I started bread making pretty much from scratch - meaning no training/reading up on what/how to do. This meant humerous things like: I didnt realize you needs to let the bread rise after shaping/before it went in the oven - imagine my joy when I did this by mistake and had that much lighter a loaf!

I don't really follow recipes at all - in experimenting Ive come to find the consitiency for the dough that I like best, and just add the liquids until it feels right. What liquids to add is kinda of random too - sometimes it will be a simple flour/water mix, other times ill throw in everything!

I use a kitchen aid mixer for majority of work - in most cases I use it for inital knead and then finish by hand. My eventual goal is to build a wood fired oven outside, though Im tempted to by some of those expensive clay pots advertised here/breadtopia to see how those turn out.

I keep my own local starter going, and ive recently purchased a few sourdough starters online to see how they turn out.

Favorite breads are traditional white with a rich fat content, olive/rosemary, and maple/nut based.

Anyway, thats me. Ill post some of my recent pics in the photo section. For now here is that loaf that finished baking last night while I registered!

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Welcome from another Canuck!  I am pretty new here too, just about two months.  I am a full time mom with a part time job.  This is one of my favorite cooking sites and I can't go to sleep without checking in.  People here are very friendly and helpful.  You will love it.

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registered here early winter and loving every minute of it.  your bread looks delicious and your profession is in demand.  maybe your breads will be in demand soon!

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I will be moving to montreal in july - r there any interesting stores for the purchase of baking equipment, flours and fresh yeast?  any bread baking classes offered in the city?





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for bakeware and cookware, you can check these stores out:

a)  ares cuisine - kind of in the high end but they have good quality merchandise

b)  vixit - most of their stuff comes directly from France so also high end prices (for example, their brioche tins cost $10.50 each, but they were thick and good quality.  I recently bought a pair of scissors and natural food coloring from them).

c)  tzanet - this store is great - they have everything under the sun - they cater to the restaurant industry so they have a lot of 2nd hand commercial cookware/bakeware and equipment.

d)  servi-rest - this store was recommended to me by someone from vixit but never tried shopping there.

as for bread baking classes, the Academie Culinaire seems to be the most popular.  very expensive and majority of the classes are in French; some courses are given in English.  Looks like it's a favorite because some classes are booked solid.  here is the link:

hope that helps.