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Slow cooker

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Slow cooker

Has any one ever baked with success bread in a slow cooker...... qahtan

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This is an interesting question.  I wonder how this would turn out?  You could stick a pan of bread in the cooker, add some water around the outside of your pan and this would basically give you a small steam oven.

Not sure how you could regulate your temps, but if you didn't mind a long bake, this might work.

I personally think that if you placed your dough right in the SC without a bread pan, it might burn your crusts or cook unevenly since most SC do not have consistant heat all around the inside of the cooker.

I might give this a try sometime.

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Sproutman has a recipe for slow cooker sprouted grain bread that I've heard was very good. Haven't tried it myself though. Here is a similar recipe I found online,

If you try a slow cooker bread recipe yourself, be sure to update us on the results!