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Pizza-tossing Visa Ad

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Pizza-tossing Visa Ad

Yeah, I know it's a VISA ad - but HOLY SMOKES! Has anyone seen the pizza tossing this guy's doing? I'm good to manage to get it up in the air - I have learned that like scoring you just can't be timid or you won't get enough lift to allow you to react, but WHOA!

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Years ago, I went to a pizza shop in suburban Chicago where the guys performed like that. One guy would form the crust with various similar acrobatic moves then, without so much as a glance towards his target, he'd frizbee it clear across the shop onto a shelf above the pizza maker who would reach up and grab it for topping and baking.

Worth the trip just to watch, but the pizza was outstanding as well.

I always wonder how many crusts those guys ruin while learning those tricks. ;-)

Pittsburgh, PA

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Pretty cool, alright. I don't even have the nerve to toss pizza dough in the air. I'm way too much of a clutz.

Did you see this related YouTube video? Has anyone here juggled pizzas?!!


P.S. I saw a pizza spinning competition on TV a while back - some of the contestants looked like they were break dancing! The largest dough stretching part of the competition was amazing as well:

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I love this commercial! I sing along everytime it comes on my television.

Who cares about VISA, it's all about the pizza:) lol

(Sing-song) Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano!

ETA: The dough tossing is amazing!


BTW, I'm new to the forum! Hi everyone:)

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HI flour and welcome!  That was pretty amazing.  Love the wheel across the shoulders.