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FIRST Magazine article- Bread baking to reduce stress

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FIRST Magazine article- Bread baking to reduce stress




My name is Dana and I'm a journalist for FIRST magazine. I'm currently doing research for an article on how baking bread (or baking in general) reduces stress and am looking for women to feature for the article. I was curious to know if anyone who may be interested in participating? 


If you are, please forward me your name, age, city, state, a current photo and why baking bread works as a great stress reducer. Any submissions can be sent to







Dana Squilla

First Magazine

Assistant Editor


Bauer Publishing

270 Sylvan Avenue

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Tel: 201.569.6699 x249

Fax: 201.569.6264




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I'm one X chromosome short of qualifying!


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I was wondering too, why is the article exclusive on gender - I'm pretty sure bread baking as a stress reducer is non-specific to men or women!

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It's a "women's" magazine. The typical sort that has a headline for a diet to lose 10 pounds in 20 days in 48pt type, laid over the photo of a 3-tiered double-chocolate cake.

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I was wondering how this would go over.  LOL.