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Spelt Sourdough Recipe

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Steve H

Spelt Sourdough Recipe

I tried out this recipe:

And it was great!

I especially loved the honey, which was added to aid in fermentation, but left a nice residual sweetness behind as well.  I think I might have had a bit extra honey in there when I made it.

The ingredients were thus:

530 grams (about 5 cups well fluffed up) whole spelt flour
350 grams (~1+1/2 cups) water
10 grams (1+1/2 tsp) salt
3 Tbs honey or sugar or 2 Tbs agave
1/4 cup sourdough starter

The video goes into details which I've summarized below:

You basically combine the ingredients and let sit for 3 hourr at room temperature, doing a single stretch-and-fold at one hour intervals.  You then let it bulk ferment overnight, pinch the top to make a tight skin and seal, let sit in a proofing basket for an hour and a half and bake until 200F on the inside.

Has anyone else tried this recipe?  I think this is the best wheat bread I've tasted in my (short baking) life.

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I tried the recipe from "Local Breads" which has honey in it.  The recipe looks to be similar to the one you used.  The starter is a 100% Spelt starter at 133% hydration.

Hydration is 55%

Salt is 2%

Honey is 10%

Preferment is 10%

I make this bread every couple of weeks.  It has a nice flavor to it with the honey giving it a bit of sweetness.

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thanks for the suggestion. I just made it last friday(night), baked early saturday. Good taste, solid, but not too solid structure. Low oven rise, maybe I will exchange some of the spelt for normal wheat next time. Too me it was a bread without too much effort, I also moved it on top of my list. Will put a picture om my blog.

Cheers, Jw.