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Greetings from Woodinville, WA

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Greetings from Woodinville, WA


I started baking bread Oct 2008. In many ways it's the antithesis of my professional life. 

After going through the breads in Joy of Cooking, I branched out to the web and The Fresh Loaf was one of the first sites I visited. This site is a joy and I've learned quite a bit from everyone here and I hope to return the favor. 

For now, here's my Bread Blog. It's a catalog of my journey so far.

Thank you everyone. 



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Welcome and from the pictures on your blog it would appear that you are off to a stellar beginning.


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I am fairly new to the site as well, just a few months old.  This is a very good site to be if you're serious about bread making.  You will love it here.