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A new addition to the household

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A new addition to the household

Have just purchased a Morphy Richards Fast Bake bread maker (2Ib),with fantastic results, and now wish to expand my recipe selection by purchasing a recipe book.

Can anyone help with recommending a recipe book that is specific to the machine that I have



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This book is not specific to the Morphy Richards  bread machine but I used it with my Russell Hobbs machine and my son used it with a MR machine so I know it will serve you well.  It is by Jennie Shapter and is called the BreadMachine Cookbook, there are recipes for every kind of bread as well as cakes.  It is not specific to any brand of machine, she gives instructions how to load, whether you put the yeast or water in first or last, which seems to be the main difference between the various makes.  I used it for years, it was much better than the handbook which came with my machine.  I never had a failure with it.