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Japanese Milk Sandwich Bread

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Japanese Milk Sandwich Bread

I'm having problems with the milk bread recipe from Yippee. I don't know just how to convert the grams, etc. into ounces, pounds or cups. Please help as I have a couple of recipes I would like to try but am not sure of the amount of ingredients.  


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Use google.  Just type "30 grams in ounces" into the search box and it'll do the conversion for you.

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with metric measurements. Otherwise, this extra step of conversion would make you dizzy, speaking from my own experience.

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You can find ye ol' basic kitchen scale (digital, of course) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for US$25-US$35. I got mine on the cheap because every so often, BBB sends out a 20% off coupon to their mailing list. They also sometimes come in the Sunday paper, depending on which paper you get. You really don't need anything fancy, just something that does ounces and grams, and goes up to a reasonable weight. (Mine goes to 11 pounds... not sure how many kilos.) I haven't seen a digital scale without a zero function in a long time, but just make sure whichever one you buy has one. Happy shopping!