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Thank You Mr. DiMuzio

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Thank You Mr. DiMuzio

I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but it's the only place I found that comes close to the category I tried to find.  That's a WOW!! category.  Even better, a Thank You category.

Chef Daniel T. DiMuzio demonstrated a most incredible degree of generosity by his participation on the Q&A with Daniel T. DiMuzio segment on this forum.  The depth and breadth of his responses to questions are more than remarkable; they are "exquis". 

Thank  you , Mr. DiMuzio, for your wonderful generosity.

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Great information, what a nice gift to those of us (all) who love bread and baking.  Thank you again Mr. DiMuzio.

I love the understanding side of what is going on in bread and baking -- your book is on my wish list.  I'll have it soon.


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It's terrific to have Dan here and to take the time to answer so many questions.   

His book has been my bedtime reading, so some of my dreams (nightmares?) have been of bread mixed with sawdust and dull, tasteless baguettes.  That's part of the historical section - not his formulas!  ;-)  

It's been a fun and very interesting read so far, and a nice way to end each day.