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Good buy today

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Good buy today

I picked up two 5-pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached AP flour and two 5-pound bags of Gold Medal Better for Bread flour at the local Wal-Mart today.  Each was priced at 2 for $4.

If this is a chain-wide sale, you might want to go snag some.


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During Easter my local grocery store had Gold Medal flours on sale for $1.69/5lb.  I was pretty amazed by that.  How much does everyone pay for KA flours?  The store down the street sells it for $4/69 and the Wegmans a little farther away sells it for $3.80 I think, which is a great price.

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My local grocery store (a small, local chain) usually sells KA flour at $4.99 for a 5bl. bag.  But occassionally they run a special and drop the price to $3.99.  When they do, I stock up.  I have a food-grade plastic container with lid that will hold 25lbs. of flour.  I get 5 bags at the reduced price which is like getting one bag free.


-brian (ann arbor, mi)

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...sells KAF for between US$2.38 and US$2.69. The price tends to go up and down a lot, not sure why. But it's usually between those two prices.

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Thanks for the head's up! Will have to check it out.  Wally World is a happy place for staples, especially flour.  When I lived in CT, the local Walmart sold KAF (5lb bag) for $2.44 which was incredible.  Unfortunately, after they revamped it into a Super Walmart, the price jumped to $4.52 :(

Since moving to TX, I've found that local grocery stores carry KAF-AP for anywhere from $4.69 (Kroger) to $4.99 (Tom Thumb), though it does occasionally go on sale to about $4, which is when I stock up on the bread flour at the same price.  Haven't seen it any cheaper than that though, not even at Target or Walmart.

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Stephanie Brim

I get KA$3 per 5 pounds. Been that way for a few weeks now. Hoping it'll stay that way.  When working sourdough I go through more bread flour than I do when I'm not working with sourdough.

I can get the bread, AP, white whole wheat, and regular whole wheat at this price. I stay well stocked. :)

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Literally.  That's a really great price for a wonderful flour! :)  I'm currently using the cheap stuff from Sam's because I can't justify paying $5/bag at the rate I go through flour.  I only keep the bread flour for feeding my starters right now.  Maybe someday!

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Stephanie Brim

I'll pay up to $4.50 for it, but then I pretty much have to say enough's enough and I buy the cheaper stuff. My favorite bread flour aside from KA is Dakota Maid unbleached, but I have to go 40 miles to get it.

I really need to bake the manager of the store a loaf of sourdough in thanks for selling it that cheap.

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I buy my flour from the co-op locally, and buy it in bulk.  KA unbleached white flour is $.45/lb

I just did a search for Walmart's groceries, and they don't list the prices online, and say they vary by store.  can't tell if it's a chain sale or local this way.

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The local WalMart was selling the GM Better for Bread flour for $2 a few weeks ago, Paul.  Sounds like that sale is moving west.

Two bucks is what it sold at locally last year, then they increased the price to $2.64.  I bought 25# at the $2 price because that's the flour I use for my SD culture.

Five pounds of KA bread flour goes for $3.68 at the local Wal-Mart.  A high end grocery store sells it for $4.99 (as well as KA AP).  Last week a Meijer store opened and five pounds of either KA BF or AP will set you back $3.99.  I had never tried the KA all purpose, so I bought five pounds.  

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Stephanie Brim

The KA all purpose is all I'll use for baking sweets (those that don't use cake flour, anyway).  If you stick your hand in a bag of King Arthur flour and your other in a bag of GM you'll notice right away that the KA is less lumpy. I don't even bother sifting.

I love it and have since I started seriously baking, so I may have a slight bias.

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KA AP non organic flour is over $8.00 for a 5 pound bag.  I need a new grocery store!


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If your KA AP *non-organic* flour is $8.00 for a 5# bag, you should seriously consider ordering direct from KA. Stock up when they offer shipping deals and leave behind the insane grocery story! LOL

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I pay $6.49 for a 10lb. bag of KAF AP at BJ's.  I don't even bother with the other storebought brands anymore, as the quality is - in our opinion - superb. However, I do tend to also stock up on locally ground flours when available. (Our cornmeal comes from a local historic homestead, for example.)


ivyb, ny