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Voortman's Windmill Cookies?

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Voortman's Windmill Cookies?

Anyone have a recipe for something close to what these taste like, with that same crisp texture? I'm thinking THESE might be close, but the ingredients list for Voortman's Windmills don't mention almond.

Not sure what I'd use for a mold - I've found some, but they're $30 and seems to me you have to do 1 cookie at a time? I'm not quite -that- patient!

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I make a recipe at Christmas which tastes similar to the Voortman's windmills, which I got out of Gourmet magazine (take a look at are titled "Dutch Windmills" but the recipe suggests forming them via the lazy person's version: form the dough into a rectangular log (about 12 in long and 1.5 x 2.5 inches across), wrap well in plastic wrap and chill till firm.  Cut the dough into thin slices (1/8 in) and place on a baking sheet.

They may not look as pretty as true windmills--I fool myself into thinking at least they look like the blades of the windmill!!--but they are tasty, with spice and almond flavors.

I remember Voortman's from the 1960s, and they did have sliced almonds in them back then.  Maybe the recipe has changed?  And maybe I'm dating myself?





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I remember the almonds too, and I have a recipe somewhere that I used to make, but it does have the almonds.  I've got a speculaas rollling pin that I use to make them.

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I do seem to remember the almonds from when I was a kid - but the ones I've gotten for the past few years are this wonderfully crisp spiced cookie that's somewhere close to a gingersnap.

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well SulaBlue, I guess I am the Dutch connection here. I have a recipe for you, it mentions baking powder, 'speculaas' spices, almond, cane sucre. I have never made it myself, care for a translation? I don't have speculaas spices, but could get to those as well.

As for the forms: I was at this store last friday . wait for all picture to show, on the left it shows a lot of wooden molds. On this page,794,bijzondere+bakvormen.asp you can see several molds, the top one on this page is 15 US dollar, I am sure I have seen cheaper ones at windmills around here. Let me know if you care for anything, I will be at that store again this friday.



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I have a friend who is actually going to be traveling through Amsterdam in the coming week. Can you recommend somewhere there? It looks to me as if both these shops are a goodly distance outside of Amsterdam, and I don't know if he's going to go to Den Haag or Zwollen as he's on the return leg of his journey and did quite a bit of traveling about the first time through.

I'd love the recipe, of course!

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is called Duikelman at Ferdinand Bolstraat 68-68A, Telefoon 020-671.22.30/ 671.75.69. Also in Google Street View (in the left corner). This store is connected to other ones. Zwolle has a good store as well.

The spices should be available in an Albert Heijn supermarket, ask the hotel desk. Recipe will follow, I need to get back to work! Cheers, Jw.



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do you have acces to the spices? if not, my recipe won't work.

btw these cookies are very cheap herre, 1 USD will get you 40 of them. ask your friend.. (I know it is not the same as baking).


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That there was a specially packaged spice mix. I'll just go with what I've got then! Thanks, though.

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If you want simple windmill cookie cutters rather than trying to use cookie molds go to and type windmill cookie cutter in the search box. You should get many choices with a wide price range. And yes, I remember the almonde.  Also, there is a cookie available that tastes much like Voortman. They are Jules Destrooper Almond Thins but are not windmill shaped. Hope that this helps, Keetje

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I too regret the disappearance of Voortman's Windmill cookies.  We have made them and we have also eaten them in the Netherlands ... many variations and much better as you can imagine. For a recipe, just Google "speculaas" .  If you want "windmill" shapes you will need a mold. They are available too ... Google "speculaas molds".

The only time I was ever stopped by the drug sniffing dog at the airport was when i was bringing some speculaas back into the country. The drug enforcement agent let me keep them and the dog got yelled at for liking cookies more than drugs.

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This is a nice recipe I got from a company called House on the Hill (they make a fantastic variety of cookie molds, and this recipe was in their booklet):

3/4 cup soft butter

2 cups brown sugar

1 egg

1 cup ground almonds

2 teaspoons cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon each: salt, ground clove, ginger, cardamom, mace

2 teaspoons cocoa

rind of one lemon

3 cups flour

4-6 tablespoons milk (as needed)

Chill the dough for a couple hours before rolling, pressing with molds (or not), and cutting. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

I haven't made these for quite a while, so thanks for the reminder!

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Debra Wink

I've never had Voortman's, so have no frame of reference. And to me, windmill cookies are an almond spice cookie, but I did see a few recipes (German-based, I think---spekulatius?), that were more of the gingersnap type that you describe. At any rate, here is one on MS that doesn't have almonds:

Click here: Speculaas Cookies on

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I had the same inclination last winter and saw those handmade wooden presses, but the price was too high. I made them as described above as an icebox cookie and used sliced almonds. I then made some strong dark roast coffee and dipped my cookies. What a combo! Next time I make them I think I will add some ground black pepper too. Andrea

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Mustang 51

Some of these posts sound as if Voortman's is no longer. If you cannot find them, try this link.

It's not the same as making your own and perhaps the recipe is not what you remember from years ago, but the company does exist. Their cookies are sold packages and in bulk. Whatever your choice, enjoy.


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The stores have all kinds, but for some reason have stopped carrying the Windmill kind. Maybe it is a sales thing...