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Tea for two and small loaves best gear

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Tea for two and small loaves best gear


As a novice baker I'm researching whether I ought to purchase a bread machine; Zo - mini; 1lb loaf capacity OR a bread mixer; Electrolux -  Magic Mill DLX OR some top of the line  variant mixer and if the latter which machine.  Note: cost isn't a factor.

As a two person household I'm concerned that the DLX is overkill and might be difficult producing a very nice 1-1.5 loaf.  I've come to enjoy a heartier bread and eventualy would like to become profiencent at making them.  I realize the bread machine will only be able to knead the mix and I'll have to use my electric oven to bake should I care to go this route. 

At some point I would also like to dabble in alternatives to wheat such as spelt. I don't know if the Zo bread machine would handle this as the smaller model doesn't allow to custom cycles. 

My dear grandmother used to hand knead and I recall the wonderful feeling of working with dough - however, my kitchen is small and working dough by hand seems messy with more cleanup than a machine  would spit.  Further I'm thinking a machine would produce a higher quality dough, less mess, smaller footprint in which to work.  Please tell me if my thinking is off with this. 

Any suggestions on how I might proceed in my quest to produce scrumptious home baked breads and which mode and model to accomplish this.

TIA ~ jodo

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Jodo, I have the DLX and I love it for making a big batch of daily bread for freezing so as to not have to heat the oven so often. 

Since there are only the two of us I thought it might be nice to have something smaller for those 1 or 2 loaves of "special" bread.  I purchased a Compact Bosch from HSN when they were on clearance.  I use it constantly.  It handles up to 3 loaves of whole grain bread, has a smaller footprint, practically cleans itself, and has attachments I have really been putting to good use. 

The looks might fool you because it just does not have the heaftiness of a KA or DLX but it sure does the job without a quip.  That is another great feature, it is light weight enough to store if you want.  I plan to let it go camping with us when we will be away for a while.

I know the cost is not a problem but it is actually quite inexpensive compared to a bigger KA and or the DLX, just another plus.  

I also have a 4 1/2 qt. Ultra Power Kitchen Aid I hate and have moved to the basement kitchen. 

I also have two different bread machines for dough mixing and now rarely use, especially since i have the Bosch compact. 

Good luck on your search. 

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Hi Jodo.

Thanks to the info I got from lurking around TFL last year I d decided to get the Bosch Compact (swtgran may have had some input on that). I bake/cook only for myself so a large capacity mixer isn't necessary but I want the power to do the stiffer doughs without a lot of strain. My little "Baby Bosch" is just perfect. He's quiet, very lighti  weight, and does a great job on anything I've given him. My (not heavy-duty) stand mixer is in the basement, breadmachine is in the storage cabinet.

One thing  that I hesitated over was that the mixing bowl is a heavy-duty plastic rather than stainless steel like I'm used to. To my surprise I prefer the plastic. Even high hydration sticky doughs almost pour out of it. It feels like silk.

Someone on TFL had commented that they had both the Bosch Universal (for large batches) a the Compact for small mid-week baking and liked the performance of each of them. That sold me.

Goodluck Jodo

whatever you get...Bake on!


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I bought the Siemens Kitchen Machine in 1983 , that's 26 years ago now.
I've used it for absolutely everything since it came with all the attachments, from kneading dough to grinding almonds for xmas cookies in the mixer, shredding mozzarella cheese for pizza etc.
At $299 (from Sears Canada) I think it's paid for itself.
There are only two of us and it's been great. If you look at the picture I think you'll see it's one of the first generations of the Bosch.

Siemens Kitchen Machine