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spent-grain bread

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spent-grain bread

Has anyone been using spent grains for their bread recipes? I tried PR's Spent-Grain Bread recipe in his WGB book and it was very, very good. I did use my whole wheat sourdough starter for the 'biga' part, and made the dough with half AP white flour = PR's "transitional" bread formula. It was just the flavor and aroma that I like. But there were just a few pieces or husks of the spent grain that were a bit harsh feeling to the mouth. I suppose this was just the nature of the spent grain I had used? Or should I have ground up the grains before using?  Anet 

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I'm curious to hear from others who have made spent grain breads. I am just getting into home brewing and wanted to combine it with the bread making, but the thing about spent grains is they really don't taste like anything. I mean, all the starch/sugar has been "spent". Is the idea that it is just a good fiber filler?

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I've made the bread and liked the results, supposedly the enzymes from the malted grains are still active enough to effect the fermentation of the bread. Depending on what sort of brewing you're doing there might be an issue though. You have to be at least doing a partial mash method, just using specialty grains won't have the same properties.

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The Bread Maiden

We enjoyed it so much that I'm making it again right now!  We homebrew and the spent grains taste great in the loaf.  It's very odd, we used stout grains and the dough going into the oven looked pale with dark spots, then when it came out of the oven it was MUCH darker, almost like a pumpernickel. 

My one issue is that it doesn't use that much spent grains- only 113g.  Given how much grain goes into the beer mash, I would have to be baking a lot more than I do (about 2-3 loaves a week) to actually use up all the spent grains we produce.

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Pure spelt flour shouldn't have pieces in it if it is simply the flour.  I use the Arrowhead Mills brand and have made recipies that have added spelt berries for texture (I bought these separately), but if you don't like them you should be able to leave them out.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed loaves of 100% spelt.  I have used conventional yeast recipes but haven't attempted a sourdough version yet.