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Newbie in Idaho

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Newbie in Idaho

I have been lurking for several weeks.  Went ahead a bit the bullet and joined.


I am in Idaho, name is Gary.  I am pretty novice at bread making but I love to read this site and the videos have been helpful.


Here is my #2 attempt at the baguette (Anis formula)


(sorry about the fuzzy pictures cell camera -- wife is out of town with my Nikon D40x)


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Nice looking loaves!

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Oh they look delicious  Good job!

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Mini Oven

And the baguettes look good!  How do they taste?

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They taste really good.  I added a small amount of rye flour (20 grams) to see what happens with the flavor and I really like it.

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sure you're a newbie?  they're lookin' good!