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New Bosch leaking oil from bottom?

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New Bosch leaking oil from bottom?

I just bought a new Bosch Universal Plus, when I went to pull it out of the box I got oil on my hand. When I looked there is a small puddle of oil in the box and I can see that it has leaked out the back vents.  

Of Course I walked out of the store just as they were closing, so I can't call them. Do I need to worry or can I go ahead and use it tonight?



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There should not be oil coming out of your machine. As far as I know and have read on the yahoo mixer group the motor is sealed. I would not use it.

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I can't anyhow. I asked for the new stainless steal bowl in stead of the palstic and they gave me the one for the old machine so it won't lock into place. I paid for the upgrade too.  

Really not feeling very impressed right now.

Very frustrated. 

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Oh, boy.  I'd take it back first thing in the morning.

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Actually, it is not uncommon for it to leak oil from the middle of the bowl.  I had a problem with my bowl and the bosch rep said to oil it every once in a while.  Mine had started to squeak.