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Storing Cheesy Breads

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Storing Cheesy Breads

This summer I, like many of you first did, bought myself a copy of BBA and got baking. I've had some great results with the book and I've been making a lot of sourdough and pain sur poolish loaves with blue cheese and walnuts, peppadews and cheddar, etc. I usually store the uncut loaves in a big paper bag at room temp and I was wondering if that's safe since they have cheese in them. I haven't given myself or my guests food poisoning yet, but if this is dangerous a heads up would be, uh, nice. Also, how do you all store sliced loaves?

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I don't know the precise answer but I do know that cheese exists historically because it preserves milk. It is "pre spoiled" in a good way.


I can't imagine that there are food poisoning issues here.

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What is a peppadew?

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beenjamming It's like a sweet and spicy little peppery fruit thingy. They have them at my grocery store's olive bar. they're quite tasty.