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Tough Crumb

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Tough Crumb

I notice that my crumb toughens after a few days.  Kneading lasts for 10-15 seconds followed by a rise.  This is then followed by a french fold and 45 minute rise - repeated two more times.  Any thoughts on this.

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It would help us answer your question if we knew what kind of bread you have made. If you could provide the recipe, it would be ideal. Also, how are you storing the bread?


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Poolish 1 3/4 C KP AP flour, 1C water and 1/8 tsp SAF Red Instant yeast.  Mix and allw to rest 18 hours.


Add poolish to 3C KA AP flour, 1 tsp SAF Red Instant Yeast, 2 tsp Kosher salt, 1C water.  Mix all then knead, fold and allow to rest as described in initial post.

Bake at 475 for 32 minutes; remove from oven and allw to rest on wire rack on countertop for a couple of hours.  Serve.  Bread is then stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

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...of the bread and that's a 16 oz Budweiser in the background.


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I wouldn't put the bread in the cooler. It shortens the life and I would think would make the crumb more gummy.


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Eric is right.  Refrigeration of a baked loaf just accelerates staling.  The toughening or firming you're referring to are actually common aspects of staling.  If you need to keep bread a while, careful wrapping and freezing is a better option.