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Does it make sence to add yeast to an existing sourdough?

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Does it make sence to add yeast to an existing sourdough?

The sourdough that I have was vialated, when someone mixed their pancake batter in the "Mother Pot".  I have been working to save it since.  I removed all foreign ingrediants I could see, and have been scraping mold since.  Now it is to the point where I can cook with it, but after I fed it last night it hasn't come up yet today.  Any advice?  Would yeast now, or ever, be a good idea?


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No, don't add any yeast to it. You need to "wash" the starter. Mix quite a bit of water with the starter so it is very thin and watery. Then take 1/2 cup or so of that and mix in enough flour to obtain the consistency that you generally have your starter. Let that sit, covered, at room temperature overnight. The next day dump out half of it and feed the remainder again. Stir often. You should be seeing signs of life soon. Good luck with it & let us know how it goes.

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another method which works is to take about a teaspoon (10 grams) of the "violated" starter (the yeasts and bacteria you want are still in there) , mix it into 30 grams of water and stir in 50 grams of bread flour. Let that sit for between 12 and 18 hours, then take 30 grams of that, add to 30 grams water and add 50 grams of bread flour. After 8 hours it should be back up to baking strength.

For even more reliable results, you can use rye flour for the first retrieval / refreshment.