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where to buy rye?

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where to buy rye?

Hi --

I went looking for some rye flour in Chicago today so I could start one of the levains in Hamelman's book. After some searching, I finally found a tiny bag at Whole Foods.

So, where should I go for rye in Chicago?



Flour Girl

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The Fruitful Yield has several outlets in Chicago - it's a natural foods store which carries organic rye flour.  If you can get Arrowhead Mills organic rye, that is a very nice whole rye flour.

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Thanks! That's just the stuff that I got at Whole Foods ... But I'll have to look for a Fruitful Yield near me to get more of it.



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Heather, my Whole Foods in Tulsa has organic rye in the bulk bins.  99 cents a pound.


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Yep, I have real trouble believing a WF store wouldn't have bulk rye flour. Did you ask them?

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I'll look a little harder. I'd never been in the store before, so I headed straight for the baking aisle and didn't search for the bulk bins. The place was a zoo! 

But I'll definitely look for the bulk bins next time.

Thanks everybody ... Happy baking!

Flour Girl

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I THINK I've seen rye at my local WF. I usually buy it at Sun Harvest (AKA Wild Oats, aka Henry's) which is now owned by WF. I think it's $1.09/pound here in Texas.

A friend recommended The Home Economist in Skokie, IL. They do have it (I didn't ask what grind) but they want $1.99/pound. Yikes.

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We sell organic rye berries and stoneground rye flour.