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Dough clings to Dough Hook

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Dough clings to Dough Hook

I use a Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer and bake bread about once a week.  From the beginning i've had a problem with the dough clinging to the dough hook and spinning uselessly around in the bowl.  I normally make about a three pound batch of 65% hydration baguette dough.  To combat the problem, i mix the bread on a speed of six or eight so that the centrifugal force will help keep the dough kneading by basically throwing it off the hook.  Nevertheless, I usually end up with the dough wrapped around the point where the dough hook mounts to the machine.  I attended culinary school and took a bread baking class and never once remember the dough in the big Hobar mixers clinging to the hook.  It always was kneaded neatly in the bottom of the bowl and at the end of the process the bowl was spotless.  By using the method I am using, I'm pretty sure that I'm basically burning up my mixer (it gets really hot by the time the dough is ready for first rise).  If anyone can suggest what I can do (maybe drier dough?)  I would really appreciate it!

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I use my KA Artisan to do the initial mix for a dough which produces two 1.5 # loaves/boules.  I mix the ingredients until the flour, levain, and water come together in a shaggy dough.  That's followed by a 60 minute autolyse, then the salt is added and the dough is mixed at speed two for around three minutes.

It is then removed from the mixing bowl and I'll fold the dough a couple of times (or more, depending on the recipe) during the bulk fermentation.

You will burn up your motor at speeds of six to eight.  The KA instructions warn not to mix dough at any speed higher than two.

I have found that folding produces a better crumb, plus getting my hands into the dough has been a great learning experience.

Check out the videos here; I'm pretty sure there's one on folding.


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You might want to try spraying the dough hook with non-stick spray or lubricating it with oil in general. That might help. Also, does the dough continually climb up the hook, or does it just do that during a certain portion of the kneading?

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I spray the dough hook with Pam with I have a dough that wants to crawl up; this seems to work pretty well.


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I have taken to using pan spray on the fluted roller of my DLX mixer whenever I encounter a sticky dough that does not want to release off of the roller..I occasionally spray the scraper blade of the mixer for the same reason..I would try this with your dough hook and see if it does not help..


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Greetings. First, never run your mixer  over 2. That comes from KA. Secondly, I have stopped mixing and pushed the dough back together and then restarted. I hydrate at 60 percent nowadays and the problem seems to have abated. My dough is still sticky but it works really well. You might give it a shot. I'm using high gluten flour--14.2 percent-- so that might be part of the difference. Meanwhile, have a great day

Phil Jacobs

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I suspect you may have too much dough for your bowl size.  I have found that my KA UltraPower with a 4.5 qt bowl will readily mix dough totalling 2.5 lbs, but when I get to three it starts pushing the limits and climbing over the hook just as you describe.  When I use recipes with the lower volume this never happens.

My 2 cents worth...