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colored bread

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colored bread

Other than adding food coloring to the bread... ?Is there an alternate way of coloring bread?? I have heard that you can add cocoa to the bread... but have not tried that. I am wishing to do this in a braided loaf to highlight the braids



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The two things that pop immediately into my head are beet juice and tumeric for red and yellow, respectively.  They have both caused serious stains in my kitchen.  It would take some experiementing to get them into loaves though.  Good luck!

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 Tomatoe bread is very good, and make a great contrast when used alternately with white.     qahtan

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I've used carob and cocoa powder in bread, which gives it a nice dark chocolately brown color.  But I'm not sure if it is just the cocoa, or the combination of cocoa, molasses and some rye flour which darkened it up that much.

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Spinach and carrot puree can be used as well as beet. The Sunset Book of Breads has a whole section on using different purees as well as a braided loaf with one strand white, one whole wheat and one strand with cocoa and rye. It's very dramatic. You can get the book for like $2 on or Somewhere I came across a recipe of one strand tomato, one white and one spinach for a braid that represents the flag of Italy.

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Well, saffron is a common ingredient for yellow color.  I know caramel coloring is used in Pumps, and they often have some sugar too, so I'd guess you could make a dark caramel out of the sugar and maybe achieve a similar result.... of course, the flavor of the sugar will change.