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My name dañell... and I am a breadaholic.

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My name dañell... and I am a breadaholic.

Admitting I have a problem is step one, right?

After stalking many journals and reading lots of posts, I have finally decided to come clean admit that I have a bread problem. I have been making quick breads for years, and fancy myself a crafter of wedding and novelty cakes. A few months ago, I dove head first into the world of yeast bread. Thankfully, it has all been so successful that it has only fueled my desire to make better bread. I am still working up my nerve to the Sourdoughs and am plotting my first starter.

Thanks to all who post on here. The information is fantastic and it has helped me to learn so much on my journey into the bread world.

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If you think you are addicted to bread now, wait until you try sourdough! At any rate, welcome, and happy baking!

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Hi and welcome to TFL, dañell!

Before you dive into the sourdough vat, may I suggest you read Debra Wink's great post on her "pineapple juice solution". Here's a link to Part 2, and on it you'll find a link to Part 1.

Please show us some of your creations?


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Ahhh, Danielle -- Careful!


Remember, bread is solid beer, and beer is liquid bread!


The Egyptians, in their offeratory prayers to Osiris, led off with thanksgiving and offerings of the firstfruits of the field, which have been turnwed into bread and beer --

htp d nsw n wsir m prt hrw m t  hnkt... [etc]


:)   :)   :)


~ Broc




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I made 2 standard white loaves and a nice free-formed honey white for Sunday dinner. The photo is of one of the standard loaves cut and the Sunday loaf.

Yay! Bread.


Sunday Loaf and Cut White Loaf

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 I don't think you're alone in your addiction....