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Flour mill in OH?

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Flour mill in OH?

Does anyone know of any flour mills in the state of Ohio that uses locally grown grains?  I'm interested in acquiring flours that have been milled and grown within a small radius.  I've only recently moved to the state and haven't been able to find anything yet, or even if Ohio produces such grains.


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You may wish to visit the page .  There are some contact numbers there that you might be able to ask about mills in your area.

Some very large milling concerns have mills in Ohio.

That being said, Ohio produces mostly soft red wheat - which isn't the best for bread baking. Although the Ohio wheat growers are proud to tell us their flour is used in Oreo cookies.

Hope this is helpful

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I don't know where they get their grains, but Fowler's Mill makes some really nice flours.  Check them out.

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Stutzman Farms in NE Ohio, near New Philly, uses local grains to make their flour. I believe it is an Amish run operation. Starline Organics from the Athens, OH take their spelt up there and grind it for me to use in the Jackie O's bakery. Wheat is not the strongest suit, but beautiful breads can be made from Spelt, Kamut and other flours.

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Bear's Mill near Greenville, Ohio grinds their own flour from grain grown on local farms.

Probably not what you are thinking about but White Lily Flour (owned by Smuckers) is milled in Ohio, and I think a certain percentage of the grain used for WL is from Ohio and regional farms. 

Smuckers uses a number of mills in Ohio to process their flours.  I think Smuckers from Orrville Ohio, owns or distributes flour under four or five different well-known labels including Martha White, Pillsbury and Robin Hood.