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A Baker's Reading

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A Baker's Reading

I have found at least three references to Peter Mayle's book "Confessions of a French Baker" on this forum, but I hope new members of the forum will find the book interesting.

I have read it in about an hour, it's that short, but laughed a lot and found a few neat tricks there.

Here is a quote in regards to the scoring tool:

"With the classic baguette, for example, you will find a series of diagonal stripes along the top surface of the loaf.  At Auzet, these are made by hand.  They start as gashes, swift stabs with what I originally thought must be a special tool - the baker's friend - used only by the pros.  When I asked to take a look at one, I saw that it was a sliver of tin clipped from a can, sharp and shiny from years of use."

Another quote:

"If you have an uncomfortable feeling that someone has put a spell on you, the remedy is available at your nearest boulangerie.  Wrap a piece of bread in a clean white napkin, give it to the first person you meet in the morning. The spell will be lifted."

No wonder TFL members are spell-free - considering how many loaves we give away.

Keep baking and giving it away!


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I am always on the lookout for new books on bread.

In the hope this thread turn into a bookshare here is one of my favourites, Art of Handmade Bread, by Dan Lepard.

A tour of European bread, great variety of recipes, using mainly natural yeasts, and where the author uses an intermittent minimal kneading method that works for me.

This is the book that got me serious about bread... love it and turn to it often...

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nice suggestion.  will look for it in my local library!