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How do I replace the Drive Coupling on my Bosch Univeral Mixer Blender Attachment?

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How do I replace the Drive Coupling on my Bosch Univeral Mixer Blender Attachment?


I need to replace the Blender's Drive Coupling on my Bosch Univeral Mixer.

Before I go ahead and order the replacement part, I want to know how to go about replacing this part, because I haven't been able to figure out how to take it apart on my own, and I can't instructions anywehre online. 

I do know how to replace the high speed drive part - that part just slips on and off, with a tiny bit of help... 

In case it's relevant - have the "classic" Bosch Universal Mixer -  I originally purchased my Bosch Universal Mixer in late 2005, it has the plastic blade casing.

Thank you in advance for your help!

~ Susan

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I don't know the answer to your question but the answer can be found at a Yahoo group called "Mixer-Owners".  Your mixer is the focus of this group's discussion.



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My retailer, Pleasant Hill Grain, sent me the following email:

I am not aware of any printed instructions for removing the old coupling and replacing with the new. We recommend holding on to the blades with 1 hand and a towel and using a needle nose pliers to unscrew the old coupling. You would put the new coupling on in the same manner.
If these instructions do not work, I would suggest contacting the Service Dept at Kitchen Resources in Utah. Their phone is 800-692-6724.


I did end up calling the distributor, Kitchen Resources...

The tech started giving me the same instructions Pleasant Hill Grain gave me, which hadn't worked... 

As it turned out...  holding the blades did not secure the drive shaft because the drive shaft was broken off INSIDE the blade assembly - which is why I could not unscrew the old drive coupling part. 

My Blender has the blade assembly made of  plastic  - they switched to plastic in 2005 because the metal assembly turned black in dishwashers.

Bosch just recently went back to using metal for this part - apparently the plastic blade assembly didn't hold up. 

Kitchen Resources - the U.S. Bosch Distributor - is sending me a new blade assembly - no charge, he said it's covered under warranty.  Woo Hoo!

Best of all, I hadn't yet purchased the replacement drive coupling part, because I wanted to know how to go about replacing the part before ordering a new part. 

With shipping this part would have been a $50+ repair - you have to love customer service of that caliber!

Perhaps I should join the Yahoo group and share what I learned?

[Aside:  You really don't need to ever put this part in the dishwasher - wash the inside with by putting hot water and perhaps a little dish detergent inside the blender and turning it on - rinse the outside under the sink...  no dishwasher needed! ]