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Newbie from Maryland

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Newbie from Maryland

Hi everyone, I have been lurking for a few days here.  I have recently started making my own bread.  I am doing this for multiple reasons like to save a little bit of money (every little bit helps), controlling what goes into what we are eating and we love the taste of fresh warm bread.

My background is that I am the chief cook for my little family of three.  I love cooking and making food that is delicious and healthy.  I really love it when my 14 year old daughter (who is severly autistic) gobbles down my food and wants more.

I am looking forward to learning more about making good bread.  I prefer whole wheat bread so I will be working mostly toward that.



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Mini Oven

Welcome to TFL!   You're having better luck than I.  I'm very excited about making a white bean raisin bread today and my son just informed me that he doesn't like raisins or sweet breads....  Time to preheat the oven and call the real raisin bread lovers over for coffee.  It's a big loaf!


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Welcome again! I'm also a newbie here, and a Marylander as well! I haven't been able to bake much lately, but this site has been fantastic for expanding my knowledge base. Even just reading here and there has turned up a ton of awesome techniques.