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First loaves with my SFBI Brotforms

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First loaves with my SFBI Brotforms

I got them this week and what a great price from SFBI

I paid $35 for the pair of 1.5 lb. which is great as Sur La Table has them for $29.95 each.  Anyway on to the bread, I made 2 loaves of teh country white from Silverton's book.  It is  a basic white with a little wheat germ added in.  I fed my starter for 2 days with her method (tons of flour!!!) and it got pretty vigirous.  Actually my starter has been very active since it has matured some.

Laid out for slashing (actiually with an SFBI lame handle)

And the loaves:

1 Out and 1 on the way on


And the crumb, actuallt it's funny the last time I made this bread the crumb was a WHOOOOLE lot more open.  I am not sure what I did differently this time except mabye I over-shaped them but I did get alot of aven spring and the taste waas PHENOMINAL!!!!.


And yes I do have too many books thatk you very much.

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Nice loaves - love the cookbook  background!

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Nice job, JIP!


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The brotforms are fun, huh?  I just love the looks of a loaf baked in a brotform. I have a hard time getting myself to do just a free form loaf! You did a great job of scoring.