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New Baker Here! Lots to learn, many to bake, some to eat!

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New Baker Here! Lots to learn, many to bake, some to eat!

I have been seriously baking for only about two months. $4.00 for a loaf at our local super market, of puff wheat bread was just too much for me to take.  Previous to that my baking was limited to pancakes, bisquits, flat breads and the rare pizza crust.  Now I am Baking with a big "B". My darling wife person bought me a used bread machine and I loved every minute of it but after many loaves with the awful hole in the bottom decided to go al fresco.  I used the dough cycle of the machine to accomplish that messy task and the results were better, at least there was no hole.  Many loaves later, some to eat, some for the neighbors and some to the racoons and doorstop needs, I took on sourdough baking.  My first few loaves were hockey pucks and doorstops but thanks to this forum and the amazing width of the contents of this site I have become more and more successful.  I made my own starter to only become disenchanted with its performance. I finally mailed my SSAE to Carl and his starter came along in a few days.  I've never stopped baking since!  Now I use the machine rarely, do the no-knead folding method and a long rise on the counter, good breads everytime!  Even a braided loaf or two now and then! Thanks again for all the help before now and for the expected help in the future!

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Hi, LNLute.

Welcome to TFL!


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Sounds like  you've really discovered a good thing!