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Sub for Molasses in Israel?

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Sub for Molasses in Israel?

I'm trying to share my recipe with a friend in Israel - and got to the molasses and went &*^!@. She doesn't even know what molasses is. What's a substitute for that part of the world? If she were in the UK I might think treacle. What about honey? Am I correct that it's in there as a sweetener for both flavor and a sugar-boost for the yeast as well as to help with the caramelization of the crust?

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Maybe dark corn syrup or homemade brown sugar syrup.


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Mini Oven

of cane sugar processing.  It is the thick carmelized juces from the sugar cane after the sugar has been crystalized and separated from it through cetrifugation.   It is dark and has a sweet strong caramel flavor and full of minerals.

cdkitchen suggests:

Molasses Substitute

For 1 cup, use 1 cup honey; or 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar; or granulated sugar plus 1/4 cup liquid (water or other liquid called for in recipe); 1 cup dark corn syrup; or 1 cup pure maple syrup.

I prefer the 1/4 c water and 3/4 cup of the darkest cane brown sugar I can find, or dark palm sugar.


Trivia: Molasses was commonly used as a protective sealer and white wash adhesive for a building method known as Rammed Earth.

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chahira daoud

There ia a lot of molasses in middle east, we produce it and it ia available every where, may be she did not know the word in english, we call it in arabic"black honey" may be she can understand it in arabic or they have another name for it, but I am sure that molasses is in the nearest super market to her .

I will try to ask for you.

I'll be back !!

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chahira daoud

דבש ו קנה סוכר

I used google translate, just copy the word and paste it may be she will get it.



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Thank you, Chahira. I've passed the message on to her. Such fun, converting obviously American recipes into something the rest of the world can use! That's the one thing I dislike about the BBA book - it's weights are offered in only ounces and parts of ounces rather than grams. My food scale only measures in 1/4th ounce increments or 2 gram increments, so I end up converting things like ".38 ounce" to grams, and end up having to do so for an entire recipe before I can even START to bake!

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molasses is available in Israel in all good health food stores. Also your friend could use 'silan' which is a date honey, dark like molasses and delicious. It is of about the same density, and color.

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