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apple starter from pain aux pommes (village baker)

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apple starter from pain aux pommes (village baker)

hi, is anyone familiar with this recipe from the village baker? this is my first try. i made the apple starter: 1 med. sized apple chopped, 3 Tbsp sugar, 2 Tbsp water. so far it is 6 days old. ortiz says to leave it 8 - 10 days. however, i already noticed some furry stuff growing. i tried to remove what i could see, but am i better off throwing it away and starting over again?

has anyone made this bread? appreciate any advice.


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I don't have the book, Rolls, but Google's book search took me right to the recipe.  My hat is off to anyone who will bake a loaf of bread that takes two weeks to produce!

Apparently the mold/fungus is normal as Oritz says to just remove it and you're good to go so long as you have 3/4 of the mixture left.

Hmmm.  I hope you keep us posted with your progress, and especially the final bread.

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thanks lindyd, will do. i'd go crazy waiting if i didn't have any other breads going on. maybe im feeling a little overconfident? i blame this site coz  before i'd just look and now im actually trying!

thanks hope i have other than disasters to keep you updated!

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I actually just made the Village bakers version of the pain aux pommes last week.  I would say to remove the fuzz and follow your nose.

If it smells like beer or hard cider, youre good to go, of not, then you'll want to start over. 

I would also suggest refreshing the water and sugar in the apples. I had a lot of success with the set up of removing a little water, adding some and then adding a pinch of sugar and sturing.

Lastly, the bread needs some extra apple flavour, so I would suggest adding either hard apple cider, apple juice, or apple cider in the last steps insted of some of the water.  I used hard cider and it really helped.

Have Fun!

Brother Rob

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thank you will give it a try on my next batch i gave up on the first  batch as it was way too furry (i did notice a nice scent though - apple ciderish)