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Update on 8.5" Pullmans Pans That The Baker's Catalog Used To Sell

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Update on 8.5" Pullmans Pans That The Baker's Catalog Used To Sell

I have posted several times over the past several weeks that I own two 4"x4"x8.5" Pullman bread pans that I was sure that I had purchased through the KA Baker's Catalog, but that I could not find the reciept for their purchase..Furthermore, I also reported that I had communicated with KA, and that they could not / would not confirm that they had ever even sold such items, even though I was positive that KA was where I had purchased the pans from..However, without a receipt I had no proof of purchase..Even more importantly I had no product number with which to call them and request more specific information..

Then this morning I was looking through some old receipts for something unrelated to baking, and there was the KA receipt with the two pans on it..This had been bugging me for weeks ever since I had chimed in on a thread where someone was asking questions about these pans..I was irritated with myself for having lost the receipt, something I am usually quite careful not to do..

I have baked about 16 loaves of bread in these pans since I joined TFL, and first posted about the 8.5" Pullman pans..Closer examination of the 8.5" Pullman pans leads me to believe that Chicago Mettalic did not manufacture these pans for the Baker's Catalog..I thought that I recalled the literature in the catalog describing the 8.5" pans as being made by CM..I am quite possibly mistaken about this..There are subtle differences between my 13" Pullman pan, which is most definitely made by CM, and the 8.5" pans..The most notable difference is the 8.5" pans do not have a stamped impression in the steel of the lid..In fact, they are not maked in any fashion..The 13" pan is marked CM 461SC on the lid..The ends of the pans are different also in that the gap between the two ends of the sheet steel where it is folded around to reinforce the ends is much greater than on the CM 13" pan..On the CM 13" pan the two ends nearly touch, whereas on the 8.5" pans there is close to a 1/4" gap between the two pieces of steel..In all other respects, the 8.5" pans seem to be constructed to the same high standards as the CM 13" pan..I am sorry not to provide photos that clearly illustrate this, but I do not have a functioning digital camera at this time..

The description on my receipt, dated 03-02-05, is---PAIN DE MIE (PULLMAN) (STANDARD)..The price per pan was $29.95..The item number was 5427..As I recall things, the pans if purchased individually were priced at $34.95..The price dropped to $29.95 per pan if they were purchased as a set of two..

It is too bad that KA stopped selling the 8.5" Pullman pans..In my opinion, this is the handiest size Pullman pan for the average family..It will easily accomodate 1 lb. 8 oz. to 1 lb. 11 oz. of bread dough..I can understand that they were in all likelihood not a very popular item, and sold poorly due to most American baker's having no experience with a bread pan that was equipped with a sliding lid..To most bakers the Pullman pan is a strange beast that they would probably never consider purchasing..That is unfortunate as I think a baker can teach themselves a lot by learning to bake sandwich breads in a Pullman pan..I purchased my 13" Pullman pan in April of 2000, and I still feel like I am learning new things about baking in these pans over 150 loaves later..I stopped baking bread in the Pullman pans for almost three years, otherwise I would have more baked loaves under my belt..