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BBA Sicilian bread with imported italian lime honey

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BBA Sicilian bread with imported italian lime honey


Just a comment, I followed the recipe in The Bread Baker's Apprentice for Sicilian Bread. It calls for 1 TBSP of honey. I had on hand a small bottle of imported italian lime honey (that is, honey made from lime blossoms of course). This is a very strongly flavored honey, maybe too strong to be enjoyed directly. But added to the Sicilian bread the outcome was extraordinarily flavorful, in a way that I thought blended with the bread and leaven flavor perfectly.  I find myself going back to the kitchen again and again just to smell the loaf.  I bought this honey at a local coop called the Wedge, in Minneapolis, The honey is Asiago brand, I don't know how widely available it may be. But if you are making bread that calls for honey I can highly recommend lime honey.

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Sounds great.  I love different kinds of honey.  I'm going to do a google search right now!


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I bet that bread tastes wonderful! --Pamela