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Rainy day

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Rainy day

Very wet here this weekend.  Good for rainbows...

and also good for baking!

I made buttermilk cinnamon rolls this afternoon...

and a couple of loaves of my daily bread to eat with a big pot of soup this evening.



SourdoLady's picture

Love your pictures! The closeup of the cinnamon roll is scrumptious. Did you egg wash your loaves to make them so shiny?

Floydm's picture

No I didn't, but they look like it, don't they?  There is no oil or fats of any kind on or in them... just KA Bread Flour, yeast, salt, and water.  Then half a cup of water in an iron pan to steam them.  Strange.

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Isn't it amazing how many things you can make with just flour, yeast, salt, & water? They look perfect and the soup sounds great too. --Pamela

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sara lee

The buttermilk cinnamon rolls look incredibly moist and yummy and the bread look professionally done. Floydm, I wonder if you would like to share your recipe for the cinnamon rolls, thanks,


Floydm's picture

Sure.  It was basically this recipe,  only instead of melting butter and using whole milk I used buttermilk that I happened to have in the fridge. 

Marni's picture

Your house must have smelled wonderful!  I just love finding those rainbows - a little lift to the day.


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Beautiful photos...everything sounds and looks delicious...I can't resist baked goodies using buttermilk and have to keep the powdered around just in case I run out.  I love the cinnamon rolls without all that fattening butter.