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sticking to the tray

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sticking to the tray


I need some help please.

I usually proof my weekly loaf overnight in the fridge and wack it in the oven as usual but it has been sticking to the baking tray. I use the rectangular shaped ,alluminium.

the loaf eventually comes out but I have to struggle a bit and gets a bit damaged in the process.

what do I do to prevent this?

thank you.

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Mini Oven

Use more oil? Please look at the forums for sticking to tins. Happy baking.... :) Mini Oven

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You could try a silicone baking pan. These are those red rubbery pans that you can buy at most cooking stores and online. I haven't used them, but I use parchment paper, which is based on a similar principle, and have had no problems.

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thank you for the answers, may try oil and cornmeal? if not then will try the parchment.