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Change of Shape = Change of Flavor?

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Change of Shape = Change of Flavor?

Hello - I've been a forum voyeur for a while, but this is my first post.

I just noticed something odd, and I can't figure out what's going on:

I made a batch of my favorite unyeasted barley bread and divided it in half. One half I shaped into small rolls, the other half into a batard. They look about the same (crust, crumb, everything normal), but the taste is *noticably* different. Not just a little bit - drastically so. The rolls are bland and tasteless, while the batard is its normal complexely-wheaty self.

Does changing the shape of a bread normally change its taste? My batard is delicious - why are my rolls bland??

Thanks in advance!

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Mini Oven

The longer bake developed the flavors. Slow down your baking time on the rolls or give them a slower cooler rise (under a wet towel) to develop the barley flavor. Or try covering the rolls lightly with a dry dish towel when rack cooling, this can trap in flavor too. Good Luck :) Your recipe sounds very interesting.... Opps, rising, how silly of me, non-yeasted? I'd be very interested in your recipe! What's your levening? :) Mini Oven