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Hello From Texas! :)

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Hello From Texas! :)



I am Jennifer and I live in a small town outside the metroplex in Texas. I have been making the same ole bread recipe for a while now and want to add more of a variety. I am looking forward to learning a lot here!


:) Jennifer

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Hello Jennifer from Texas.  I'm living in Houston.  I joined this forum recently also (about 3 months).  The best book to bring you up to speed, which is highly recommended on this forum, is the "Bread Baker's Apprentice" written by Peter Reinhart.  I've learned tons from this book, and the recipes are great......

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Hi Jennifer,


I'm in Burleson, and also new to this bread baking.  I'm finding it takes more time than I thought--the reading/studying, not the actual baking.  I'm having fun.

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Hey Jennifer, I myself am from Plano...i'm assuming not to far away

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I'm not from Texas, but great to have you here.  I agree with rainwater about Peter Reinhart's book.  I bought it 3 weeks ago and love going through it.  I used his technique for marble rye bread (but didn't follow the recipe), just his technique and my bread had a nice brown swirl to it.

I used cocoa powder instead of molasses and it was a good brown color.  I still have yet to get myself a digital camera and start posting my "creations."


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I'm from the Dallas area.  This site is a great resource for ideas, recipes, and help.  Have fun!