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Onion-Poppy Seed Recipe request

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Onion-Poppy Seed Recipe request


Yesterday, on the "Crispier Crust" thread, Eric posted a picture of Susan from SD's latest Onion-Poppy seed bread which looked absolutely gorgeous. I have searched for the recipe but cannot find it. Does anyone have that recipe? Susan? Eric?

Thanks for any help. I would love to be able to give it a try.



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Jessica, I sent you an off-line message earlier today which read, in part, "Jesswin, if you go to Susan's Blog you will find my recipe for Faux Deli Rye.  I use that basic recipe for all my sourdough, just adding or subtracting different things."

Check on the Home page in the left column under your name for the word Messages.  It should have a 1 beside it.  Click on Messages and you will be able to access my personal message to you.

Thanks, and I hope it works out well for you,

Susan from San Diego