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My First Loaf

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My First Loaf

My first loaf

There it is my very first loaf of bread, honey whole wheat. It went pretty well, I had my first sandwich today. Boy was it good, so much better then store bought. I'm making another loaf tonight...I just couldn't wait. I'm make a different version of the honey whole wheat. I'll let you know how it goes.


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A new baker is born! Best of luck with future bakes. That looks like quite a good first loaf. Must be great for sandwiches! Keep on baking.



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Yeah I was suprised myself that it turned out. I made it just for sandwiches. Thats mainly my goal is to make some good sandwich breads.

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isn't it? Welcome to bread addiction. Very nice job for your first loaf.


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Your first loaf reminds me of my first, which is the one that truly converted me to baking my own.  Mine was nearly plain white bread, but the same shape and similar crumb, and also great for sandwiches!