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Consistent Roll Size tips

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Consistent Roll Size tips

Does anyone have a suggestion or technique when rolling out dough for hamburger buns to make the size consistent?  I thought about forming the dough into a baguette and cutting portions to roll into buns.

Thank you.

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I weigh them out to 3 or 4 ounces then shape them.  That always works.

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I agree with Floyd.  Scaling your dough is the best way to get consistent results.

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I third it, weigh the dough.  My bagels are 4 oz each, which makes them a great size for hamburgers. 

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I weigh the dough and use a bowl with flour on the scale to keep things neat.  I got that tip from the Artisan Bread in 5 blog.  I make hamburger buns 3 oz.  I did 4 oz once and they were huge.

Before I had a scale, I divided the dough roughly in half by sight and then each half into halves again.  If I was making 12 buns I further divided each section into thirds.

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Thank you everyone for your input.  I understood weighing was the way to go, I was just trying to develop a technique other than just grabbing a handful of dough to weigh for each roll and adjusting afterwards.  I like the idea of dividing the dough into sections and developing an eye for what will weigh the same. 

Thank you again.

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When I am making sticky buns I roll the dough into an even tubular roll shape.  I take dental floss and cut the dough in half and then cut each half in half, then eyball it and cut it into thirds, to get 12 nearly equal portions. 

You could do something similar with your bun dough, then shape it.  Terry R