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First Time Sandwich Bread!

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First Time Sandwich Bread!

Hey guys, I decided to try making sandwich bread, and the light wheat bread from BBA looked too good.  I substituted some regular milk for the powdered milk, and used sugar instead of honey.  I also divided the dough in half, even though the recipe is for "1 2-pound loaf" and they more than filled the 4.5"/8.5" pans.  And they came out looking and tasting great!


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could you post the link to the recipe

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They do look good!  Thanks for sharing the photos.


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I love it when new recipes work so well!  Here's a fun and kinda special recipe you might like to try - I've had great success with it, and it's easy, too.

Click here for the recipe: whole wheat bread

Are you having sandwiches for lunch? Or maybe brunch, it looks so good :)

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I slapped some peanut butter and jelly on them, and they were quite good.  Fresh out of the oven the crust was still nice and hard, but I figure a few days in plastic will soften the crust a bit, and already today, the crust was softer on my sandwiches.


anyways, the recipe i got from Peter Rheinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice, I don't know the rules about copying the recipe from the book and posting it...

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There was a discussion on the site:

It seems to be that if you credit the source, and that it's not an attempt to repint an entire book you're okay (author rant at the end notwithstanding).  I've done a few in the author blogs and have even had a rep from KAF say that it's okay as long as I've said that it came from them.

Worst case?  They'll ask to have the recipe removed.  :)