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getting started

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getting started

I have all the hardware. Now for a trip to the supermarket. From my reading here, I think unbleached AP and bread flour will do. Probably some malt powder, is that where the flour is also?

Anything else?

I'm hoping to learn to make my own white sandwich bread, italian bread, sub and hoagie rolls, and hamburger and hotdog buns.

Thanks for any guidance!

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For now, just stick to the basic good flour, either all-purpose or bread flour.  Once you've started and got a good loaf or two under your belt, so to speak, and get the feel of the dough, then you can do some experimenting.  I bake bread twice a week, all kinds of bread, from white sandwich to sweet bread to rye to all sorts of sourdough, and I've got to admit I don't use malt powder at all.  The only time I ever used it, it was homemade; I've got malt extract in the fridge, but very seldom use that either.