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Tried a great Irish Brown Bread recipe recently

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Bad Cook

Tried a great Irish Brown Bread recipe recently

I loved it!  It was in a magazine, and used WW and white flour, oatmeal, wheat germ, buttermilk, honey, baking soda and salt.....I tossed in about a tablespoon of discarded starter, too.  It has kept well, also, but since the first day it was baked I have been eating it toasted with a little margarine (with my daily cup of spiced tea).  It has a great taste and texture, just slightly sweet but not too much.  Good by itself or would be good with soup, too.

I did a search before I posted this to see if it had been discussed before, but didn't find anyone talking about anything except Irish Soda Bread.  Have any of you ever tried Irish Brown Bread, and what is your recipe like? 

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I don't have the recipe but we were always served the brown bread with a warm sweet egg custard on top!


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The traditional recipe has no oats, wheat germ, or honey in it, but there are always variations.  I like the one Bernard Clayton has in his book, the Hibernian Brown Bread.

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Hi Bad Cook,

I found his recipe in an old bread machine cookbook. It's from Donna Germans "The Big Book of Bread Machine Recipes", which is now out of print. I make it quite often with a mixer, let raise about an hour, fold and rotate, shape and put in a loaf pan for 2nd rise till it just puffs over the top (1 to 1/2 hrs). Bake at 350° 10 min. then  tent with foil and finish another 25 to 30 min. to an internal ep of 190°.

                          1 1/2 Lb. Loaf               2 Lb. Loaf
Water                         1 1/8 c                    1 1/2 c
Brown sugar                 3 T                         1/4 c
salt                            1/2 tsp                    2/3 tsp
Buttermilk powder         3 T                         1/4 c
Vital gluten (optional)    3 T                          1/4 c
Oats *                        1/2 c                       2/3 c
Whole wheat flour         1 c                          1 1/2 c
Bread flour                  1 1/2 c                     2 c
Yeast                          2 tsp                       2 1/2 tsp

* I usually substitute a five grain hot cereal mix which works well, and adds depth of flavor

It stands up well for sandwiches 2 to 3 days before it starts to dry out and makes really great toast.  If you make it I hope you enjoy.

BTW that bread book has some wonderful variety type breads, a dried cranberry (turkey sammies), lemon, peach, applesauce etc. I like it for mid week quick bakes. If you can find it at a library or used bookstore I recommend it. Since it is meant for bread machines there aren't many instructions but it's easy to reference similar ecipes for time & temp.

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