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Big problem

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Big problem

Hi. I am a mom that has 4 wonderful girls. they are all two years apart. My youngest has problems with dairy, msg, and soy. If she eats anything that contains one of these three things she will become very sick. The msg part is worse then the other two items. If she has msg she ends up in the hospital. I have been having a hard time with because for six years my other three have loved box dinners, pizza, mac and cheese, and even eatting out. Now we have been unable to have any of this things. What I am asking is help with fun kid friendly recipes that I can use. Please help!




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Stephanie Brim

There's nothing wrong with cheese-free pizza.  Throw some pesto on a pizza crust made from just flour, water, salt, and yeast, add veggies and meats to your liking, and bake. Even just some olive oil plus tomatoes and veggies is really good. You may miss the cheese for a while, but I find that if the crust is well made the less toppings on a pizza the better it is.

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That has to be really tough, Karen, not only on your youngest but the entire family.

I'm not sure if you are looking for bread recipes only, or full meals. 

Any bread recipe which contain only flour, yeast, salt and water should work well.  Organic flour would be beneficial - it certainly doesn't contain any MSG - but I don't think any flour does.

I don't see why you couldn't have pizza if you make your own dough and sauce. Hunts claims it has no MSG in any of its sauces, but it's always wise to read the labels.  Cheese isn't a prerequisite for pizza and there are lots of healthy toppings to choose from.  There are soy free mozzarella flavored rice shreds sold at health food stores.  Not sure what they taste like, but I think the people at a health foods store may be able to help you.

While it is more work, getting away from boxed, over processed foods will be healthier for your entire family.  Now, convincing your kids of that will probably take more work!




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Im actually vegan so i've got tons of dairy free  recipes. Just to watch out if your not making pesto at home it usually has cheese in it. But a classic pizza i enjoy is tomato sauce, olive oil fresh basil, and fresh tomatos. its flaorful and uncomplicated. If your looking for that cheesey type taste try out nutritional yeast its got a nutty taste and melts into what ever you put it on. if you need anymore help just shoot me a message.