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A Smiley,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kneading chewing gum.

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A Smiley,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kneading chewing gum.

I made bread today just white as I wanted to try out baking it in a clay baker.
Well some where along the line I boo booed.
Don't ask me how, but the dough was just like a lot of sticky chewing gum, it was awful, even with putting more and more flour to it, it ended up in a bag in the trash, but I think I just about had sticky dough every where, it was like trying to work with a large dollop of chewing gum. yuck... :-))) qahtan

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Hi gahtan,

That happened to me once. It seems that I forgot to
add the yeast. :-o
Luckily, I hadn't tossed it yet and was able to save it
by adding another cup of water with the yeast and about three cups more of flour.
Perhaps your yeast was dead ?