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Bread-making courses in the US and UK

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Bread-making courses in the US and UK


The Fresh Loaf is a brilliant site that I've only just come across! My husband is a mad keen baker, albeit an amateur one!

I write a blog for and really want to promote (for free) bread-making courses in the US and UK. So if you run courses or know of any really good ones, please could you let me know and then I can pass on recommendations to our readers? You can either post replies to the blog on bread making here or just mail me back.

Lots of people around the world are reading our blog, and when launches in a couple of months we're going to be promoting bread courses in the US and UK and people will be able to book online - it will be completely free to list a course.

Also I'd love to interview anyone for the Ooh blog - so if you're passionate about bread and making it, or want to promote (for free) a course you run, and would be happy to answer a few questions by email, please let me know and we'll put you up on the site! We want to get as many people enthusiastic about bread-making as possible!

Many thanks


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I don't run a course but I have attended one given by Richard Bertinet which I can heartily recommend. They are held in his Kitchen in Bath, England and all the details are on his website.