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Old Magic Mill

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Old Magic Mill

I inherited an old Magic Mill with the grain adjuster on the front (although just missing a knob?) and lots of old wheat flour in a old sponge next to the stone.  I have no instruction booklet but it seems that the motor turns on but the stones must be too close together to turn.  I am not exactly sure how to adjust it.  Would it be okay to get rid of the sponge material---I am actually very surprised that I don't have bugs all over as there is some very old flour there.  What would be the purpose of the sponge?  It's also missing the pan underneath and the metal funnel device for the top but those won't prevent it from running.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!   

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I inherited one of these mills, too.  The only thing missing on mine is the handle.  There was no sponge next to the stone.  I'm not sure why someone would put a sponge in it. As for the stone adjustment, I recently learned that there is an adjusment nut or lever (I haven't looked yet) on the back of the motor.  It is supposed to adj the grind, so I guess it's what you are looking for.  Does yours have the oblong metal loop on the back of the motor?  I was wondering it that is the adjuster.  Still learning about it, myself.


Good Luck!

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Troy Larsen

We inherited one once also.  The adjustment "knob" is the loop -ended wire on the back of the motor.  It moves the stones closer or further apart.  If I remember correctly, you need to adjust this with the motor running.  I also seem to remember instructions for this on the back of the motor by the wire.

We never successfully made good flour on ours because the motor shaft was slightly bent.  This caused the stones to be close and then apart as it rotated.

Good luck.


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My grandma just gave me her Magic Mill II grinder.  It was pretty dusty and only covered with a shower cap (I did mention I got it from my grandma...).  I brought it home, tapped out the dust and turned it on.  I left it on for about 30 seconds and then tried to turn it back on again but it  has not turned on again since.  We took it apart and nothing seemed to be noticeably wrong.  I know nothing about wheat grinders, so I was wondering if there were some 'no brainer' tips I could try or if a mill this out dated is even worth repair??  Thanks in advance...