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proving baskets

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proving baskets

you can obtain proving baskets from

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Having lived in the UK I know that things are expensive over there, but £22.00 is a lot, about $40 Canadian. 

The guys at sell them for $22 if I remember correctly. I understand that for our British baking friends the postage from the US will most probably eat up any saving.  

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You can also make your own proofing baskets for much less money - possibly the only cost will be your time spent making the basket because you probably already have the necessary materials. Susan (Wild Yeast) wrote a great post about how to make a proofing basket:


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In the event that anyone is looking to buy proving baskets our web is  (not

We can also ship worldwide.

I know proving baskets are very expensive to buy but sadly that is because they are very expensive to have made - the lining being hand-stiched into the basket. They will however last you many years.  If anyone requires substantial numbers then we are able to offer a wholesale price for proving baskets, couche and other bits of equipment.  

Jo at The Bertinet Kitchen

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Jo (TheBertinetKitchen) wrote:

I know proving baskets are very expensive to buy but sadly that is because they are very expensive to have made - the lining being hand-stiched into the basket.

While the linen does look nice sewn into the basket, Susan (Wild Yeast) does make a good point that if the linen is not sewn in, it can be washed easily. I know that one doesn't want to wash the linen after every use, but it might be nice to be able to wash it from time to time.

I see that The Bertinet Kitchen sells linen pastry cloths as well (they're sold out right now but assume that they will be restocked soon) for people to make their own proofing baskets.

( also works and appears to go to the same site)


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Le Pain Quotidien by the Royal Festival Hall sells them for a lot less, certainly under a tenner.  (It's six months since I bought some, and I've lost my receipt.)  I haven't seen one from the Bertinet Kitchen to compare quality, but the lining material in these cheaper baskets performs like linen (and maybe is linen - I'm no expert).

Address is at  I presume other branches also have them.


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Whilst looking for another source in the UK, I came across the following company in San Francisco looks to be a good price and the genuine article.

I've sent my daughter an email to look into the Le Pain Quotidien shops which are only in London. If she finds a reasonably priced source I'll report back.

Currently there are a set of 3 plus "free" scrapers on sale on UK eBay for £30, but I want 2 the same size.


I just found this listing,Daily-use-crockery,Various-baskets-0124470

Being a price comparrison site I couldn't guarantee that you will always get the same result I did, but the dearest basket seems to be about £13 and there are much cheaper ones. I haven't followed the links yet.

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Manufactum, a German company with a UK presence - local shipping - sells cane bannetons for £16.00. 


They are the cane version, not linen lined and again not exactly cheap. Having said that, I own two and would not bake without them so you might decide it's worth the expense.

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I bought mine at

I received the baskets in two days! They are reasonably priced and are wonderful. They also offer the removeable liners for the baskets.