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Greetings From Boston

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LoaferBob ZzzZzz

Greetings From Boston

Testing 1-2-3 Testing 1-2-3.

I am a new member. My name is Bob. My intention is to bring naturally rising bread-making in America to elevated levels not seen since Armstrong landed on the moon. YES!! Expect to see detailed postings beyond your wildest dreams.

And how shall I do this? FAILURE!!

I can't tell you how many endeavors I failed in and how badly I failed but picture a one legged dog chasing a 6 legged cat. You know the saying, "Dumb as a post?" THAT'S ME!!

And isn't it strange that I am posting...hmm?

You will be elevated to lunar levels simply by understanding there is a lowest level and that level be me!

Anyway, I'm starting my first starter and reading about bread-making 2~3 hours per day. This is all new to me but with Fresh Loaf forums, Nancy, Avery, Reinhart... how can I fail? Don't worry. I'll find a way.

My first rule is temp control: Though shall not bring a new starter to life under 70 degrees, 80 is more desireable.

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Mini Oven

So I'm wondering.... Why would you want to do all of that especially chasing a 6 legged cat?  (Somehow I think the levels have been rising steadily since the moon stroll and you being here is evidence of that.)  Everyone here seems to enjoy baking along with the learning trials, so Welcome and grow.  Read, experiment and work on your skills.  We are all learning from each other.

Failure?  Heck, no!  No such thing unless you can get 100% of this crowd to agree with you.  Warning:  That will never happen!  So get positive!  How are your yeasted loaves?



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LoaferBob ZzzZzz

Thanks Mini. I'm actually quite happy about this new hobby. Giddy even.

On yeasted bread: Very well in the past but I mostly bake fruited breads and muffins now as my old HB mixer is almost burnt out.
Yesterday I settled on a KitchenAid 275 watt mixer. Though greater wattage is desireable, the 275 contains heavy duty gears & tranny.

I have two grape starters growing; one one white flour and one on organic wheat. I'm using Silverton's methods. Got home today and the room smelled like a beer factory.

I changed placement of the starters from a 67 degree North facing room to a 74 degree environment, Southern face and added a lamp. Either that or the addition of grapes was the key.
Regards, Bob

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ivy b

Hi and welcome to a terrific post from a newbie to this place myself.  I am in ny, but will be in Brookline at the end of this month for the weekend (family event happening)......

How are your starters coming along?  I made 2 campagnes (sp?) from s.d. last night and the 2nd sourdough seeded 5 grain loaf from this website, fantastic bread, try it when you're up to it. :-D

Anyway, heading into the city 2day to Bowery Rst. Supply and a visit with my daughter at her job (MercyCorps).... of course, it is bitter cold today and it snowed again last night.....

cheers and peace,




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LoaferBob ZzzZzz

Well met Ivy and it is indeed quite the posting board. I've been lurking only about two days before joining. When I saw the activity here the decision was a snap.

Condition of starters: Day 4. Less yeast smell than yesterday. Less bubbles too {which occured mostly close to the grapes}.

Grape bags still appear plumped and expanded. contracted. Color is moving to yellow. All is almost textbook according to Nancy Silverton's starter recipe.

I spent a month mixing, weighing, dumping half daily, weighing, mixing dump half every 12 hours.... Nancy seems to come at it from a different direction in my hyper limited experience with starters. ((Wait for something to happen))

All told it is a very interesting experience Ivy.
Regards, Bob

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ivy b

Hi Bob,

Sounds like you are having loads of fun experimenting! :-)  ... I just mixed flour and water and waited it out; that's for the 2 bread starters; I also have an Amish sd starter for my cakes. Isn't it great how varied the paths to great sourdoughs can be?  I love hearing people's experiences with starters, breads, etc., this certainly is a great site for this.