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Intro - New to the Site - Arlington VA

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Intro - New to the Site - Arlington VA

My wife and I live in Arlington, Virginia.  We do have a few commercial bakers in the area who can produce a decent artisan bread, but for variety and to save a long drive, I started making a lot of our bread myself, about 12 years ago.  Because of other commitments my baking has been sporadic, at best, over the past three or four years but I'm interested in getting busier again now.

Like a lot of people whose intros I've read, I happened on the site while looking for something specific.  Last week I unearthed my old Baparoma Steam Baking Master from the back of a cabinet and thought I might try it again, but I don't have the instruction sheet any more so if anyone has info on that...?

Meantime, I look forward to using and contributing to The Fresh Loaf.