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Hello from Chicago

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Hello from Chicago

Hi, here's my quick introduction:

I'm a very amateur breadmaker here in Chicago.  I got into it a couple years ago, probably starting with making my own pizza dough and moving on from there.  Eventually I decided to make a starter and had some limited success with my first one, which I used for about 6 months until my lack of knowledge for feeding and care caught up with me. 

A year ago I was going through Leader's "Local Breads" and decided to start over with his liquid and stiff levains.  I've gotten into a nice routine of making a batch with each every weekend, although I'm still working out a lot of kinks here and there.  Here's some examples: 

old world baguette redux

nuri's rustic light rye

Anyway, I really enjoy reading stories and advice on here and hope I can contribute.


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Hello and welcome!

I have a feeling you're going to enjoy it here!